Hello, my name is Max. I do a lot of stuff, scroll down to read more about what I do and why.

I work as a web-developer

Specialized in frontend-development but also doing some backend stuff. I'm in love with CSS & Javascript. Currently working for a company called Matterial.

You can check out my work and code-fiddles by following the links below.

Not available for other work, sorry.

I perform magic

Magic is my biggest passion. I spent almost all me free time for practise, reading books or producing videos. Maybe you can find me performing on the streets too. I'm a member of the Magic Circle, so you will not get any secrets out of me. Magic is not just a hobby for me, it started to be a lifestyle. My preferred style is close-up magic with focus on sleight of hand. Watch videos and find out more at my magician website or youtube channel.

I play games

If I'm not working or doing magic, it's most likely that I'm relaxing while playing some games. I built games myself so I always enjoy the work of others too. RPGs, MMOs or MOBAs, I play them all. Feeling lucky? Why not challenge me in a LoL 1vs1?

I solve cubes

Besides magic being one weird hobby, I have another—Speedcubing. It's solving a rubiks cube in a matter of seconds. My personal record at official competitions is 19.11 seconds and 16.09 seconds at home. Solving the cube requires logic and a lot of algorythms but is fun to learn and do. If you're interested in my other personal records you can check out my official world cube association profile below.